Blogging Awards – Versatile Blogger

I know it has been far too long sicne I’ve blogged, but I’m really going to get back in the swing of things now.  I’m really excited to report that despite this inexplicable hiatus from blogging Pete Denton has honored me with a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Thanks so much to Pete for the award and for introducing me to the fun concept of blogging awards in general.  I love the idea blogger recognizing their peers for the hard work that we do.  Blogging is a bit more of a commitment than some people realize, so giving out awards to one another is a great way to share the work of writers that we like and feel a little better about the effort we’re all putting out into the world.

Now, this award comes with some rules once accepting. 

The first is to thank the award giver and link back to them.  Thanks again Pete, and anyone interested in his blog (recommend it!) should click the link above.

The second is to share seven things about yourself, so here it goes:

1. Though i consider myself a very determined person, I have little to no will-power.  Results of this often include not writing nearly as much as I should and the biggest sweet tooth ever.  Sometimes I just get too focused on one thing (like chocolate) to get just about anything else accomplished.

2. Piggy-backing on number one…I have a somewhat obsessive quality.  I don’t mean that I have to walk in even numbered steps or keep things extremely clean (quite the opposite on that front), but rather that I tend to find one thing I like and obsess over it for a period, until something new comes along.  In that period I learn just about everything I can that deals with the object of my intense focus.  Past and present obsessions include things like vampires, Green Day, YA fiction, Harry Potter and most recently Red Hot Chili Peppers.

3. I hateE.T.  Don’t take that to mean I think it a horrible movie or anything, since I have always been so deathly afraid of Spielberg’s extra terrestrial that I cannot bring myself to watch that movie ever again.  I just find it all creepy and weird and in no way want any future contact with it.

4. In the vein of chilhood hang-ups, I cannot bring myself to eat lasagna.  I puked once (possibly twice) after eating it and therfore I have not even wanted to eat it since then.  I think it’s the odd texture of the ricotta cheese, but either way I steer clear of that and anything else that contains ricotta cheese just in case.

5. I have only a handful of times read a book on my “own time” and thought that it was so bad that it was a waste of time.  I am not going to name any titles, but it is a much smaller group than the amount of times I disliked books that I had to read for school.  It makes me wonder how many of those books truly would have been better if I had not been forced to read them.  Then again, I realize I usually don’t pick up things like The Great Gatsby unless a teacher told me to.  More often than not, my book-buying results in something more along the line of Succubus on Top.

6. I truly do not understand why when I say I have a creative writing degree, people immediately ask me if I teach.  How does one thing imply the other?  I like writing by myself and therefore teaching is not my cup of tea and so no, it’s not what I want to do for a career.  Though some people might think that my degree paves that way to being a teacher, I can guarantee it is far more useful than it first appears.  Not just anyone can sit down and write something worth reading (heck maybe I cannot even)!

7. I have come to realize that I do not have a super competitive bone in my body when it comes to playing sports.  There are certainly some times when I do want to win, but usually I would much rather be having fun.  I have never viewed myself as a great athelete and don’t think I ever will get to a very high level in the sports I do play (ultimate frisbee!) and so I really don’t like people judging me for mistakes.  Instead I’d rather everyone play, have fun and laugh off and learn from mistakes.  The tomboy in me does like to play well on ocassion to impress guys.

The third part of accepting the award is to pass it along to fifteen others.  So below please visit the links for my nominees for the versatile blogger award.
















Thanks again to Pete for the nomination and I shall notify my nominees shortly!


5 comments on “Blogging Awards – Versatile Blogger

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  2. Oh wow, thank you, Kelsey! Such a great idea this is, inspiring.

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